Our Experience


Helping others achieve their goals—personal and professional—is how we've built our careers. We've worked at the big glitzy companies you know well and the smaller start-ups destined to be a household name. Whether at a for-profit in the public and private sector or at a not-for-profit, we've been front-line employees, line leaders, executives, internal consultants, people managers, and individual contributors. As members of large and small consulting firms, we've regularly been the change makers, often been the change facilitators, and like everyone else we've inevitably had change happen to us.   

With great teams, we've orchestrated billion dollar acquisitions, multi-company integrations, company-wide reorganizations, multi-thousand person functional transformations, company rebrands, office moves, process redesigns, leadership changes, and cultural evolutions. We've educated hundreds of thousands of people on the process of change to make their skills stronger and their experiences more positive. We've written thousands of communications, engineered hundreds of events and workshops and administered endless surveys aimed at bringing people together to achieve a common goal.

Change doesn't have to be hard.  With decades of experience partnering with organizations to implement changes from grand, complex M&As and multi-year transformations to small transactional changes we can help you. With a good handle on how it feels to play nearly every role in the 'change game', we now happily bring our passion, expertise (we say humbly), and lessons to others.     

We also have other (perhaps less relevant but no less exciting) experience in child rearing, dog rescue, fitness, baking, interior design, gratuitous shoe shopping, singing, hiking, and boating.

What We Stand For


As our name suggests, we care about doing work with PURPOSE.  We like to work hard and have fun.  We design solutions that are creative and practical.   We believe it takes a village to not only raise a child, but also to bring the best ideas to life so brainstorming, collaboration, listening, challenging, and celebrating are mandatory steps in our process.  We hate fuss, stuffiness, bureaucracy, unnecessary complexity and meanness.  We care deeply about doing good, giving back, and making the world (if only our small corner) a better place.  We're too old to do work without meaning.  

Like so many others, you may be investing money, energy, and time on changes in your sandbox (or someone else's). You're eager to make change happen. Necessary business results hang in the balance. Improved products and services for your customers are at risk. Top or bottom line growth is expected. The often-undervalued daily work experience for your teams is on the line. And of course, this is your opportunity to fortify your personal reputation.

If you need a sounding board for a couple of hours, a thought partner to come up with a plan, or a co-pilot to ensure a smooth ride give us a call. Unless you're an asshole—we don't work with them. 

Who We Are - Leadership

Lauren Chesley Clark


I'm a change professional.  Strange to say, because there was a time when I didn't even know that was a thing.  I've made a career of applying neuro and behavioral sciences to organizational change to make companies' operations and teams thrive.

Eager to utilize my outrageously expensive education from Fordham and Columbia Universities, I apply what I know about clinical psychology and certifications in change management, Six Sigma and process design to partner with leaders to realize the results of their strategies.  

My corporate career includes both consulting and in-house experiences across a range of industries.  Most recently, I served as the leader for Verizon's Change organization and the Head of Transformation for Verizon Connect.  

A native of Princeton, NJ I prefer to be found in the mountains of Montana (but not dead, which is how that reads.)  When in Atlanta, passionate about nature, animals, health, and pretty things, I spend my free time filling bird feeders with my three (soon to be more when my husband agrees) dogs and hanging out with my saint-of-a-husband and daughter.     

You can reach me at lauren@thepurposepractice.com

Teresa Ahmad


I have spent my career in the world of people operations. Whether I was leading the startup of new  organizations, reorganizing existing teams, or acquiring or eliminating companies I have seen it all and have been the one responsible for fixing it (or making it go away).  

With humans central to transformation, my business acumen and expertise as a strategic and HR professional, allow me to deliver solutions that make sense for businesses and the important people who comprise those businesses. I'm convinced of the value in maximizing the potential of a workforce despite the messiness of change.

I have been described as a decent person and I try to live up to that every day.  I'm a mom to three remarkable humans and one wickedly spoiled chocolate lab who abides by no rules. I'm a Gator fan with a love for food and sleep.  Most of my free time is spent with my husband at Lake Sinclair outside of Atlanta in the warmth of the sun surrounded by friends and family.

You can reach me at teresa@thepurposepractice.com

Brad Baso


I believe in the power of people coming together to make something happen that they couldn’t on their own.  That’s true for our practice at Purpose (love these people!) and for the clients with whom we are fortunate to partner.  I’m the nerd who sees the intricacies of the whole system (yes, like in the Matrix but with a master’s degree in organizational leadership) and then apply my relentless creativity and optimism to gnarly problems to bring people along their journey to new possibilities.

To do this I help organizations call forth their full potential through a deliberate focus on improving the human experience: customers who expect authentic and beneficial relationships, colleagues who deserve a work environment that inspires pride and enables their growth, community members whose lives are enriched by strong partners, and leaders who need the insights, fuel, and renewal necessary to realize their visions with tenacious dedication.  

I’m from a very small town in Minnesota, moved to St. Paul for college, had a life-changing adventure in New York City, and now live in Atlanta, where I laugh at what people call winter.  I’ve worked at a ton of purpose-driven (see what I did there?) organizations in the nonprofit, government, and corporate sectors.  I find inspiration in the arts, a good read, travel, and friends I haven’t met yet.  I hope one day to be the person my dog thinks I am.

You can reach me at brad@thepurposepractice.com