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Discover Three Purposes and Practices to Serve as a…
GPS for Living Your Life on Purpose

#1 Your Essential Purpose

Your essential nature expresses effortlessly and fulfills completely. It gets
covered up with busyness and expectations. We practice this purpose by being present and authentic in each moment.

#2 Your Evolutionary Purpose

Your purpose also shows up in the life lessons you currently face. We deny this purpose when we deny what makes us uncomfortable. We practice this purpose by learning to be curious and fully embrace whatever is showing up.

#3 Your Expressive Purpose

Your purpose is also about what you’re creating in the world or how you’re making a difference. We deny this purpose when we deny the call, when we deny what makes us come alive. We practice this purpose by setting intentions and taking conscious daily action.

This workshop series is for you if:

• You feel stuck or disconnected

• You feel dissatisfied with work or life

• You want to make a difference in the world

In this powerful new workshop series, you’ll:

• Live into your three purposes in life

• Gain tools and practices for living on purpose each day

• Break free from fear, drama, and limiting beliefs

• Step into your own deep wisdom

When: Thursday, March 27th – May 15th, 7-9pm (we skip April 17th)

Where: Unity Church, 601 Tompkins Drive., Madison, Wisconsin

Cost: $149

Facilitated by: Steve Davis: Facilitator/Coach and Steve Hingle: Certified Coach

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